Wicking Grade Low Viscosity Cyanoacrylate Adhesive GB06

Wicking Grade Low Viscosity Cyanoacrylate Adhesive GB06
Product Code: GB06-50

Industrial Range. Low viscosity wicking grade. Rapid cure. Ethyl. 20 cps. High Performance. 50 or 500 gram. Super fast cure.
High quality blended low viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive surface insensitive fast cure. Produces a rapid bond between a variety of materials including plastics, rubbers, metals, paper, card and leather.

This adhesive can be applied using our syringe barrel dispensers or direct from the larger bottles using our metering valves, controller and pressure pot. All CAs are shipped with TDS and MSDS.

This grade is suitable for bonding difficult substrates, absorbent and porous surfaces, e.g. paper, wood, cardboard and leather as well as superfast cure with plastics, metals, ceramics, and rubbers. Due to the surface insensitive nature of GB06, this grade also maintains a rapid fixture time on acidic surfaces such as wood, leather and dichromated metals.

GB06 is used in a wide cross section of industrial applications including automotive, white goods and furniture manufacturing. Typical examples include bonding centre consoles, dashboards and weather stripping, bonding identification tags to equipment, bonding rubber pads to equipment base or legs, bonding components in a loud speaker cone, bonding leather and rubber during shoe manufacture, bonding fabric on lampshades.

Part ID: GB06
Material: Ethyl
Bottle Size: 50 or 500 gram
Colour: Clear
Viscosity: 20 cps
Max Gap Fill: 0.101mm
Temp. Range: -55 to 82°C
Fixture Time: < 5seconds @ 20°C
Typical Strength: 5 to 28 N/mm2

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  • MPN: GB06-50Bottle Size: 50 GramLead Time: Ships in 24 Hours
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