Valve Controllers

Digital controllers operate all dispense valves to provide repeat deposits whether by foot pedal manual control or externally linked to a PLC or robot. The valve connects to the controller so it can be pulsed to make dots, beads, potting or spraying. The TS500R controls all valves including pinch, diaphragm, spool, needle, spray and motor driven auger.

Microshot dispensing valve

The TS500R is the first of its type in the industry and is capable of controlling all valves including pneumatic valves, spray valves and rotary auger valves. With a universal power supply, it is fully plug and play and can be used immediately, anywhere in the workd. This system uses a highly responsive air pressure management system, coupled with a digital timing circuit and display, to provide consistent, repeatable control of all types of valves. Can be used by foot pedal or lined to an external signal with the I/O connector. Supplied with power cord, airline, foot pedal and instruction manual. Covered by a 1 year warranty.

The TS250 and TS350 controllers can be used for all pneumatic valves but not spray type or rotary auger valves. Both models include adjustable air regulators, digital timers with LCD display and an I/O connector for external signal. Both models are covered by a 1 year warranty. All controllers are CE certified.

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