TS8100-200 Positive Displacement PC Pump

TS8100-200 Positive Displacement PC Pump
Product Code: TS8100-200

Viscosities: 1-300K CPS. Min Shot: 0.045cc. Repeatability: ±1% Flow Rate: 0.47 to 4.46ml/min. Weight: 380g. Size: 205 L x 35mm D.
The TS8100 Series Positive Displacement Pump is a continuously volumetric dispense pump based on Progressive Cavity (PC) technology. The pump is designed to dispense a wide range of fluids, from low viscosity coatings to high viscosity greases. The PC Pump uses a special stator and rotor design to provide consistent dispensing output. The turning rotor moves the fluid in tightly sealed cavities through the stators fluid chambers to create a volumetric fluid flow that does not change the shape or size of the fluid. Due to the PC Pumps unique dispensing technology, accuracy and repeatability of +/- 1% is achievable.
The valve is shipped with the following items:
- Syringe bracket
- Mounting bracket kit
- Luer lock fitting
- Cleaning kit
- Dispensing tip selection pack

Key Features and Benefits:
- Volumetric, positive displacement
- Accurate and repeatable up to +/- 1%
- No dripping with any viscosity fluid
- Compatible with abrasive materials
- Does not damage or break fillers
- Easy to clean

Typical Applications:
- Under filling PCBA components
- Encapsulation and Potting applications
- Applying lubrication on Automotive parts
- Dispensing pastes and flux.

Wetted Parts: Delrin, PTFE, Stainless Steel, UHMW

Body Material: Aluminium
Valve Body Colour: Blue/ Black
Size: 205mm L x 35mm Diameter
Valve Weight: 380 Gram
Fluid Viscosity Range: 1 to 300K cps

Repeatability (1): +/- 1%
Self Sealing (2): 2 Bar (30 PSI)
Dispense Volume Per Rotation: 0.012ml Average
Flow Rate Range: 0.47 to 4.46ml/minute
Max Flow Rate Recommended (3): 0.65ml/minute
Minimum Shot Size: 0.045ml
Material Inlet: 1/8 Inch NPT

Material Outlet: Male Luer Lock
Fluid Flow Path: 90 Degree
Warranty: 1 Year

(1) Volumetric dispensing as absolute deviation per complete revolution and also depends on dispensing fluid.
(2) For fluid with viscosity of 1000 Cps or lower. The pump can handle up to 5.5 bar for 300K Cps viscosity fluid.
(3) This is the maximum flow rate that does not shorten the stator work life

Adhesive Dispensing Ltd provide a wide range of equipment options for dispensing almost all assembly fluids - from watery liquids, solvents, primers and activators through to thick pastes, sealants, silicones, gels and epoxies.

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  • Product Brand:Techcon
  • MPN: TS8100-200Lead Time: 2-3 WeeksWarranty: 1 Year
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