TS350V Air Operated Digital Valve Controller

TS350V Air Operated Digital Valve Controller
Product Code: TS350V

Digital valve controller for air operated valves. With timer. Footswitch or remote cycling.

TS350 dispenser for controlling valves. User friendly fluid dispensing systems include 0-100 psi adjustable air regulator, digital timer with rotary control time knob for easy setup.  Packaged ready to use with a universal power supply, foot switch, air hose, sample tips.

Features a small footprint and is lightweight. Cycle rate up to 1200 times/ minute. 0.008 to 60 second adjustable timer with +/- 0.001% tolerances. 100-240 VAC power. CE approved with 12 month warranty.

Use as a controller for TS1212, TS5322, TS5322D, TS5621, TS5622, TS5420, TS941 and TS941A valves. Not for use with spray valve or auger valves (use TS500R).

Adhesive Dispensing Ltd provide a wide range of equipment options for dispensing almost all assembly fluids - from watery liquids, solvents, primers and activators through to thick pastes, sealants, silicones, gels and epoxies.

Price: £510.95   Exc VAT
  • Product Brand:TSI
  • MPN: TS350Lead Time: 24-48 HoursWarranty: 1 Year
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