Timed Dispensers

Air-powered dispensers with adjustable timers to make repeat deposits of watery liquids to thick pastes. Adjust the air pressure to suit flow rate and fluid viscosity, set the timer from small spot to larger shot. Use vacuum for watery liquids. Press the foot switch to activate, hold the barrel like a pen. Fast shots with no mess, waste or adhesive fumes.

Bench top, air-powered dispensers for most adhesive and paste applications. Featuring an adjustable 0-100 PSI air regulator to set most suitable flow rates.  Low pressure versions for watery liquids, high pressure versions for pastes. Three way air valve for quick shut-off prevents fluid oozing when foot pedal is released.  Operator controls deposit output by steady mode for beads or adjustable timer for dots. Suited to the controlled dispensing of fluids, adhesives, RTVs, grease, gels, epoxies, silicone's, pastes, inks, primers, potting compounds and most other fluids. 

Dispensers are supplied as standard with a 3ft long barrel adapter assembly, starter pack of barrels, wiper pistons, barrel end caps, tip caps and assorted tapered, / micro precision tips. Select barrel size with each system from 3cc to 55cc.  Also included is a power cord, electric foot pedal, airline hose with connector, barrel bench stand and user guide. All dispensers are CE approved and covered by warranty. Our product specialists will assist with application support in dispenser settings, tip choice, etc. to suit the fluid. adhesive or paste being dispensed. All tips are colour coded for gauge size. Download our catalogue here.

Adhesive Dispensing Ltd provide a wide range of equipment options for dispensing almost all assembly fluids - from watery liquids, solvents, primers and activators through to thick pastes, sealants, silicone's, gels and epoxies.

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