Syringe Bench Stand Holder # TS100

Syringe Bench Stand Holder # TS100
Product Code: TS100

Upright syringe and barrel stand for work bench. Place any size barrel in stand to prevent mess.

Our precision products provide safe and leak free fluid dispensing from syringe barrels. These useful bench top stands provide a method of holding all size barrels without causing mess. Low cost dispensing accessories that are available direct from stock.

Bench top stand for use with syringe barrel sizes 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc and 55cc.  Barrel is placed inside for a clean and organised work bench.  Prevents barrels being laid on bench top and eliminates mess. Simple single part steel design for easy cleaning.

Part ID: TS100
Materials: Steel frame
Dimensions: See photo
Syringe Size: Fits all syringes
Colour: Black

Stands hold the syringe upright. If syringes are being left on the stand for long periods, we recommend the use of a tip cap. Remove the tip and attach a cap to seal the syringe and prevent drips. Easy material stand for cleaning.

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All stands are shipped pre-assembled and ready for use. This product is shipped direct from stock.
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