3 Axis Robot Dispensers
3 axis benchtop robots for making rapid repeat dots, lines, potting, arcs and circles of liquids, resins and pastes. X, Y & Z axis movements. Machines 200mm to 600mm. CE approved and supplied with dispensing controllers, syringe brackets, teach pendant, I/O cables, mounting brackets and components. 3 axis will make deposits above most components.
4 Axis Robot Dispensers
4 axis adhesive dispensing benchtop robots with X, Y, Z & R axis movements. 200mm to 500mm work area. The 4th axis adds (R) index that rotates the head 360 degrees. For making deposits above components and inside or outside each part. Robots are easy to program using the electronic teach pendant. Automate most liquid or paste dispensing application.
Benchtop Soldering Robots
ADL 3 & 4 axis benchtop robots for soldering to PCBs and other components. For high speed automated applications, more complex soldering and micro soldering processes. Total improvement over the soldering quality and consistency. Reduces solder usage by 30% to 40%. Easy to program LCD teach pendant. Rapid heating of solder tips and self cleaning.
Robot Accessories
Spares and accessories for robots including teach pendants, software, cables, mounting brackets and fittings. Robots come supplied setup for use with syringe barrels. Options exist to add a dispense valve and pressure pot or cartridge feed. 2-part materials can be dispensed by mounting a dual cartridge feed system or retrofitting a hotmelt dispense head & valve.

Robot Dispensers

Bench top XYZ robots provide total control over adhesive placement, from controlled beads, lines, arcs and circles to repeat timed dots and potting products. Programming is simple via the teach pendant. Even complex patterns can be created quickly. Storage is to internal memory allowing for hundreds of different programs to be created or unlimited with optional computer software.

High speeds are achieved reducing time spent hand applying adhesives and other fluids. Accuracy of placement and volume of fluid ensures absolute zero waste, no mess and a guaranteed nil error rate. Robots are totally reliable whatever the application and are simple to program and operate at high speeds. 3 axis robots index left and right, forward and backwards, up and down. 4 axis robots add 360 degree rotation for the dispensing head. Gantry robots can dispense to parts moving underneath on conveyors or rotary indexing tables.

Adhesive Dispensing Ltd provide a wide range of equipment options for dispensing almost all assembly fluids - from watery liquids, solvents, primers and activators through to thick pastes, sealants, silicones, gels and epoxies.