QK-NSK Needle Selection Kit pk/50

QK-NSK Needle Selection Kit pk/50
Product Code: QK-NSK

Evaluation kit assortment of luer lock dispensing tips. 50 assorted tips included.
The QK-NSK Needle Selection Kit includes a small selection of our most popular tip sizes in all available gauge sizes.

A multi purpose evaluation pack of General Purpose, Teflon Lined, Flexible Polypro and Smooth Flow Tapered dispensing tips. Supplied in a sealed box of 50 tips. The Teflon Lined and Polypro Tips are suited to the controlled application of Cyanoacrylates, Solvents, Activators, Primers and other liquids. Smooth Flow Tapered Tips for pastes and gels. General Purpose for most liquids and gels.

This kit contains: -
14G Taper Tip Olive TN14 x 2
16G Taper Tip Grey TN16 x 2
18G Taper Tip Green TN18 x 2
20G Taper Tip Pink TN20 x 2
22G Taper Tip Blue TN22 x 2
25G Taper Tip Red TN25 x 2
27G Taper Tip Clear TN27 x 2
14G Blunt Tip 0.5" Long Olive TE714050PK x 2
Blunt Tip 0.5" Long Amber TE715050PK x 2
Blunt Tip 0.5" Long Grey TE716050PK x 2
Blunt Tip 0.5" Long Green TE718050PK x 2
Blunt Tip 0.5" Long Pink TE720050PK x 2
Blunt Tip 0.5" Long Purple TE721050PK x 2
Blunt Tip 0.5" Long Blue TE722050PK x 2
Blunt Tip 0.5" Long Orange TE723050PK x 2
Blunt Tip 0.5" Long Red TE725050PK x 2
Blunt Tip 0.5" Long Clear TE727050PK x 2
Blunt Tip 0.5" Long Lavender TE730050PK x 2
Blunt Tip 0.25" Long Yellow TE732050PK x 2
14G Soft Polypro Tube 0.5" Long Olive 3114PPS x 1
Soft Polypro Tube 0.5" Long Amber 3115PPS x 1
Soft Polypro Tube 0.5" Long Green 3118PPS x 1
Soft Polypro Tube 0.5" Long Pink 3120PPS x 1
Soft Polypro Tube 0.5" Long Red 3125PPS x 1
21G Teflon Lined Crimped 0.5" Long Grey 5121TLCS x 1

Teflon Lined Crimped 1.0" Long Grey 5121TLC x 1
Teflon Lined Crimped 0.5" Long Pink 5125TLCS x 1
Teflon Lined Crimped 1.0" Long Pink 5125TLC x 1

The tips are silicone free and chloride free to prevent contamination of any liquid dispensed

These items ship direct from stock.
Adhesive Dispensing Ltd provide a wide range of equipment options for dispensing almost all assembly fluids - from watery liquids, solvents, primers and activators through to thick pastes, sealants, silicones, gels and epoxies.
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  • MPN: QK-NSKLead Time: Ships Within 24 HoursMax Pressure: 100 PSI
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