Precision Metal Tapered Tips

Dispense nozzles for high accuracy micro-dot dispensing. Micron-S nozzles have a Luer lock thread and can be used with any dispensing syringe, valve or pump. Super low resistance molecular fluid flow. Significant cost savings over machined nozzles without sacrificing placement precision or deposition accuracy.
A primary design feature of this unique Luer lock dispensing nozzle is the stream-line conical fluid path which delivers substantially higher fluid flow rates and lower dispense pump back pressures, resulting in improved dispensing accuracy and component life.
The design also employs very thin rigid walls offering a larger I.D. fluid path which enables the use of smaller O.D. nozzles without sacrificing dispense rates. Additionally, the thin walls further enhance the accuracy and definition of dots, lines, or special patterns while at the same time dramatically reducing fluid stringing or tailing tendencies.
Apticote 450F coating greatly reduces wicking affect when using aqueous fluids and significantly improves performance of anaerobic as well as UV cure materials. Material highly loaded with PTFE and is inert. Apticote 450F is a replacement for stainless steel. Please contact us for part codes and pricing of the Apticote 450F tips.

Industrial grade safe for use to 100 psi pressure. Ideal for use on robot dispensing systems as tips are made high precision for total consistency and are very robust. Please note that lead time is currently around 7-10 days from order for these tips. Please contact us for more information and stock availability.

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