Pneumatic Manual Vacuum Pickup Tool Part TS8120

Pneumatic Manual Vacuum Pickup Tool Part TS8120
Product Code: TS8120

Vacuum unit. Connects to TS350 dispenser (using spare air port) or connect o mains air.

Our accessories provide useful solutions to every day fluid dispensing applications. This compact vacuum pick and place system can be connected to any regulated air supply or used with model TS350 benchtop dispenser. Includes a range of pickup accessories.

Vacuum pick and place pencil for precision hand placement of small components. Connects direct to any regulated air supply or use with TS350 dispenser. Includes selection of rubber vacuum cups and tips. Soft silicone suction cups will not scratch or damage sensitive surfaces, equipment or parts. The cups can be used in temperatures from -55º C to 230º C. Selection of four tips with vacuum cups included. Cups can be mounted directly to tool. Includes one 1/4" (6.35mm), one 3/8" (9.53mm), and two 1/8" (3.18mm) cups.

Part ID: TS8120
Connection: Male Quick Connect or air pipe
Air Consumption Rate: 6cfm
Materials: Steel/ Nylon
Maximum Pressure: 50 psi
Tube Diameter: 1/4" OD
Warranty: 1 Year

Lead Time: Ships within 2-3 Weeks

When used with the TS350 dispenser, this compact unit sits on cabinet and connects via quick connect. When used with a standard air supply, this unit requires regulated air supply to a maximum 50 psi.

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  • Product Brand:Techcon
  • MPN: TS8120Lead Time: Around 2-3 WeeksWarranty: 1 Year
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