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Welcome to Adhesive Dispensing Ltd

Transferring of adhesives, silicones, epoxies and other liquids from cans, cartridges, drums or bottles can be time consuming, messy and wasteful. And many liquids contain harmful fumes. ADL packaging solutions mean customers receive their specified materials in the syringe or cartridge of their choice.
Filled Techkits
Receiving a material in a can, drum or tin often requires the transfer to a syringe barrel or cartridge in order to dispense. This can be time consuming and messy resulting in wasted materials. Time spent filling barrels and cartridges could be better spent making products so we offer most adhesives and fluids in ready-to-use barrels and cartridges, air-free with the customers specified material.

Two-component materials can be supplied in side-by-side dual cartridges for 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1 mix ratio's. For two-component materials that are measured and mixed outside of these fixed ratio's, we can supply in the Techkit cartridge. This is an in-line cartridge where the two components are kept separate until a foil barrier or injector rod mixes them ready to dispense.

By using specialist supplied packaging, we guarantee all supplied components are to the exact mix ratio's. This takes away any guesswork or the effort and time to measure and weight out mixes. All packaged components are supplied in sealed packs with labels displaying health and safety data, material information, fill date and shelf life.

Filled components are available for the complete range including hand syringe assemblies, syringe barrels for use on air-powered dispensers, cartridges, two-component cartridges, Techkits, Hinge-Pack mix bags and more.

Popular Fluids Packaged
  • • RTVs
    • Sealants
    • Greases
    • Two-component Epoxies
    • Pre-mixed and Frozen Epoxies
    • Silicones
    • Liquid Fluxes
Popular Packaged Components
  • • Syringe Barrels for Dispensers
    • 310ml Cartridges
    • Two-Component Cartridges
    • Techkit or Semkit Cartridges
    • Hinge-Pack Mix Bags
    • 600ml Large Cartridges
    • 30cc SyringeGun Barrels