Needle Valves
Needle valves are air operated micro shot systems for applying rapid dots of UV cure, solvents, inks, oils, activators, primers and more. They work with a timed dispenser and have a short shut off point so reduced drips and faster repeat dots. Available with aluminium body or stainless steel. Adjustable stroke control to fine tune the flow and calibrate for multiple valves.
Needle Valve Spares
Wide range of accessories and spare parts for use with needle valves. Replacement fluid housings, main bodies, needles, springs, air hoses, O-rings, plastic tip adapters and fittings. Industrial grade and silicone-free parts. All needle valve dispensing products are supplied in sealed packaging with batch codes.

Needle Valves

Precision dosing valves with a needle assembly to dispense precise dots or very fine beads of low to medium viscosity adhesives and fluids such as anaerobics, activators, inks, gels, solvents, lubricants, chemicals and UV's.  Needle seal at tip end prevents dead space for very fast shut off when dispensing micro dots without drips. Needle valves are designed to apply micro shots without drips. The valve design is vertical with fluid flow from the side either by syringe, cartridge or fluid line feed (from pressure pot).  Use black fluid lines or feed tubing with UV cure adhesives.

Use our valve selection guide page or click here for PDF datasheet selection guide. Precision valves will dispense accurate deposits direct from syringes, cartridges or pressure pots.  Valves operate with minimal maintenance, ensuring clean and accurate dispensing whether used by hand, fixed on a production line or mounted onto an XYZ robot.