Pinch Tube Valves
Pinch tube valves are available as an air operated version that is connected to a dispenser for repeat shots or a manual hand lever version for applying controlled beads direct from a pressure pot. Zero maintenance valves that use heavy duty low cost replaceable pinch tubes. For use with solvents, epoxies, cyanoacrylates, UV cure, inks, primers, activators & adhesives.
Diaphragm Valves
Diaphragm valves either air operated and used with a timed dispenser for rapid deposits or a hand lever version for beads. These valves offer fast and repeatible shots of reactive adhesives. Use the UHMW or Teflon versions for Cyanoacrylates, solvents, primers, activators. Use the Delrin versions for UV cure, anaerobics, etc. Repeat shots of low to medium viscosity fluids.
Needle Valves
Needle valves are air operated micro shot systems for applying rapid dots of UV cure, solvents, inks, oils, activators, primers and more. They work with a timed dispenser and have a short shut off point so reduced drips and faster repeat dots. Available with aluminium body or stainless steel. Adjustable stroke control to fine tune the flow and calibrate for multiple valves.
Spool Valves
Spool valves for making repeat shots or beads of viscous materials such as pastes, sealants, RTVs, silicones, gels & grease. They are air operated to use with any of our digital valve controllers. A piston moves forward to allow fluid to flow and shuts off against the flow to create a snuff-back. Mini spool valve for most applications and spool valve for high pressures.
Auger Rotary Valves
Auger valves are motor driven for use with solder pastes, fluxes, SMT adhesives, gels and high viscosity materials. Material is fed under light pressure from a syringe barrel or cartridge. The motor drive auger screw feeds the material out under a consistent rate and flow. These are positive displacement - not relying on time/ pressure. Highest levels of accuracy.
Spray Valves
Spray valves are used for coating, lubricating, marking or bonding applications. Providing low volume, low air control close to the substrate and so eliminates over spray. Clean, quick and consistent, spray valves are ideal whether in automated assembly lines, XYZ robots or foot operated on a bench. Select nozzle size and whether round cone spray or fan wide.
Hand Operated Lever Valves
Hand operated dispense valves take a direct feed of fluid from a pressure pot or cartridge reservoir. The fluid is fed down flexible plastic fluid lines or feed tubing. The valve remains closed until the lever is pressed. This moves a needle or opens a tube to allow the fluid to flow. When the lever is released, the fluid stops. Different valves suit different fluids and applications.
Valve Controllers
Digital controllers run dispense valves for repeat deposits by foot pedal control or externally linked to a PLC or robot. The valve connects to the controller so it can be timed to make dots, beads, potting or spraying. The TS500R controls all valves including air operated, spray & motor driven auger valves. The TS250 & TS350 control all air operated valves but not spray or electric valves.
Pressure Pots
Our fluid tanks provide a liquid material feed along fluid line tubing to a dispensing valve. Providing steady pressure, no fluid contamination, no evaporation and no excessive fumes. Tanks are available with pressure regulators and gauges for different fluid viscosities. In a range of body material and designs. Chamber sizes from 0.5 litre to 60 litre.
Pail Pumps
A wide range of pumps and extruders for transferring grease, silicones, adhesives, compounds from pails, tubs and cans to dispensing valves. Manual, pneumatic and electric versions. Pumps are designed to transfer higher viscosity materials that a pressure pot would not handle. Available with a range of connectors and fittings.
Fluid Lines
Fluid lines for use with pressure pots, cartridge reservoirs and dispense valves. Fluid lines are small bore, clear or black tubing with male and female luer lock. Allowing fast twist-on connection to fittings. Available in different lengths, colours and styles. These parts are supplied with all of our dispense valves that we supply for transfer of low to medium viscosity liquids. Silicone-free plastics.
Feed Tubing
Feed tubing is available to any length in larger diameters with choices of clear, white or black colours. Leak free fluid feed under high pressure from pressure tanks and cartridges. Use with our barbed or compression fittings. Our tubing is certified industrial grade safe and silicone-free plastics. We also ship stainless steel high pressure tubing for air or fluid feed applications.
Stands & Brackets
A wide selection of brackets, stands and accessories for use with all dispense valves. The production master system allows a bench mounted stand to be created for all valves, syringes and cartridge retainers. Adjustable height and angle allows for hands free dispensing. Replacement mounting rods to fix valves above assembly lines or onto XYZ dispensing robots.
Metering Valve Spares
A full range of spares and accessories to support all series of dispensing valves. From spare seals, fittings, assemblies and tubes. Select the series of valve - pinch valve, diaphragm valve, needle valve, spool valve, spray valve, auger valve, PC pump valve or jet valve. Supplied in sealed packs with labels, batch codes and instructions. To keep your dispensing valve running.

Metering Valves

Dispense valves take a direct feed of fluid from a pressure pot or cartridge reservoir. The fluid is fed down flexible plastic fluid lines or feed tubing. The valve remains closed until the lever is pressed manually or the air pulse from the dispenser is made. Use hand lever valves for controlled beads or potting, and air-operated valves for beads, potting and repeat shots.

High speed air-operated dispensing valves for making rapid dots or beads of adhesives, gels, inks, solvents, pastes and many other fluids. The valves are operated by our range of digital controllers either by foot pedal or when linked via an automated assembly line or XYZ robot.

Precision valves dispense accurate deposits of adhesives, solvents, glues, silicones, sealants, pastes, gels, inks, paints, UV cure, lubricants and grease. Direct from syringes, cartridges or pressure pots.  Valves will cycle from 500 to 600 times per minute for repeatable and fast bonding, sealing, coating and potting applications.  Valves operate with minimal maintenance, ensuring clean and accurate dispensing whether used by hand, fixed on a production line or mounted to an XYZ robot. A typical system includes a dispensing valve, a pressure pot or cartridge reservoir used with a digital smart valve controller.

Adhesive Dispensing Ltd provide a wide range of equipment options for dispensing almost all assembly fluids - from watery liquids, solvents, primers and activators through to thick pastes, sealants, silicones, gels and epoxies.