K System 2.5ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml Dual Syringes

The K-System meets the growing demand for reliable, safe, easy to use selection of dual dispensers for 2-K adhesives. Thanks to a range of mixing ratios, materials and colors, the K-System is suitable both for industry as well as DIY users. Its modular concept offers a broad choice of mixers and attachable accessories.

The ergonomically designed dispensing plunger enables even highly viscous adhesives to be applied. The plunger of the K-System may be used over and over again.

The K-System offers multifunctionality and user friendliness. The range of applications is very wide and 2-K adhesives can be metered extremely accurately. Order the syringe with pistons, then the re-usable plunger rod and select a mixer nozzle. Please note that 3ml version comes with plunger & mix nozzle in the kit. All other versions allow you to select separately.

• Side by Side dual syringes
• 2.5 ml, 3 ml, 5 ml and 10 ml volumes
• Complete separation of components that mix in the nozzle only
• Available in various materials and colours
• Can be nose or back filled
• Resealable, no cross-contamination
• Ergonomic design plunger rod
• Infinitely reusable plunger rod
• Robust design plunger rod
• Various diameters and length static mixer nozzles
• Coded interface nozzle
• Simplest attachment nozzle to syringe
• Absolutely leak-proof connection between nozzle/ syringe
• Accessories available for mix nozzles

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