Hand Operated Pinch Valves

Hand operated dispense valves for applying controlled deposits of most low to medium viscosity adhesives and liquids. Uses replaceable low cost pinch tubes to eliminate cleanup and maintenance. Operates by hand with direct fluid feed from a pressure pot, cartridge or syringe barrel.

The TS1201 Dispensing Pen uses a disposable moulded tube assembly. Designed to handle a wide variety of low to medium viscosity fluids – from adhesives and lubricants to sealants and masks. Gravity or pressure fed, the pen is ideal for controlled rates of dispensing. Includes pre-assembled applicator pen, pinch tube assemblies, an assortment of disposable dispensing tips and a 24" hose.

The valve uses disposable pinch tubes either clear plastic or black (for UV cure adhesives). The tube features a male luer lock at the tip end (to accept any standard needle/ tapered tips) and a female luer lock connector the other end. This allows you to connect the valve to fluid lines and then to a pressure pot, cartridge reservoir or syringe feed. The valve is kept closed (pinched) until the lever is pressed which opens the tube to allow fluid flow. Once the lever is released, the spring loaded rod pushes against the tube to seal and stop fluid flow.