DSKIT1 Air Syringe, Adapter and Dispense Tip Kit

DSKIT1 Air Syringe, Adapter and Dispense Tip Kit
Product Code: DSKIT1

Evaluation kit of luer lok syringe barrels, adapters, pistons with dispense tips

This dispenser starter kit contains barrels, adapters and pistons for use with any air-powered dispensing system.

A multi purpose evaluation pack of 10cc and 30cc pneumatic syringes, pistons, adapter assemblies and needle tips. Clear syringe barrel air-powered pistons. Luer lock twist-on tips for secure attachment. Tips are 0.50" long precision and smooth flow taperred. The kit includes: -

Part 71003RHB Adapter assembly 3ft long 10cc size 1
Part 73003RHB Adapter assembly 3ft long 30cc size 1
Part 7100LL1NPK Clear syringe barrel 10cc size 5
Part 7300LL1NPK Clear syringe barrel 30cc size 5
Part 7100009WPK White wiper piston 10cc size 5
Part 7300009WPK White wiper piston 30cc size 5
Part 7015LLBPK Tip cap seal black All sizes 10
Part TTN14 Olive colour taper tip 14 gauge 5
Part TTN18 Green colour taper tip 18 gauge 5
Part TTN22 Blue colour taper tip 22 gauge 5
Part TE714050PK Olive colour 0.5" tip 14 gauge 5
Part TE718050PK Green colour 0.5" tip 18 gauge 5
Part TE721050PK Purple colour 0.5" tip 21 gauge 5
Part TE723050PK Orange colour 0.5" tip 23 gauge 5
Part TE725050PK Red colour 0.5" tip 25 gauge 5
Part TE727050PK White colour 0.5" tip 27 gauge 5
Part TE730050PK Lavender colour 0.5" tip 30 gauge 5

Dispensing tips and syringe barrels are designed to work with most low, medium anb high viscosity fluids, adhesives, inks, pastes, gels and lubricants.

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  • Product Brand:ADL
  • MPN: DSKITLead Time: Ships Within 24 HoursMax Pressure: 100 PSI
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