BV2000 Spray Tan Filtration Booth

BV2000 Spray Tan Filtration Booth
Product Code: BV2000

Size:1400x1950x1220mm Air Volume at Free Air: 710m3/hr Ave. Air Velocity at Hood Face: 0.27m/s Fan Motor Spec: 230V 50Hz 210W Noise Level: 60dB (A)

The BV2000 Spray Tanning Mist Over-spray Filtration Booth is larger, more powerful than the BV1000. The unique design ensures that the overspray shield vastly reduces excess spray tan and particle deposits in the salon or spa environment.

What is included with the BV2000?
2 x Filter unit with fan(s)
Aluminium coated side panels
Foot Switch
2 x Particulate filter
2 x Fibre pad filter
Floor mat
Power Lead
Data/Warranty Booklet

Steel construction of the central filtration tower, finished in black – particulate and moisture filters – 2 x high efficiency backward curved fans, UL, VDE and CSA approved – sealed electric wiring – external foot operated switch – lightweight, aluminium composite side panels – ribbed rubber floor mat.

Who needs the BV2000 Spray Tan Over-spray Booth?
Put simply, any environment where spray tanning is done on a regular basis. The BV2000 spray tan booth helps salon owners and spray tan technicians can keep the busy salon environment clean and mist-free. Specialist over-spray shield greatly reduces over-spray allowing both customers and employees to work in a cleaner and safer environment.

*The side panels can be customised with your company logo. Please contact us for more information

Key Features
Space saving, free standing booth can be sited in a corner in the Beauty Salon or Spa.
Simple operation: once power cables are connected the booth is simply switched on and off via a latching foot switch.
High performance powerful fans and extraction system help remove stray spray tan particles quickly and efficiently
Designed with a wipe-clean surface ensuring the product still looks great after 1 or 10,000 spray tans

Why choose the BV2000 Spray Tan Extraction Unit?
All spray tan extraction and filtration systems carry a lifetime warranty giving our customers full peace of mind and safe in the knowledge they can provide reliable and effective mist extraction for their customer all year round.

How does the BV2000 Spray Tanning Booth filter the salon environment?
The particulate (intake) filter is a three stage graduated fibre filter with a high ‘dust’ holding capacity for long life. Filtration to 5 micron particles. NB: Spray particulate sizes vary from 10 to 20 microns. The final filtration stage absorbs any residual moisture.

Weight: 125 kg
Dimensions: 86 × 56 × 36 cm
Dimensions:   1400x1950x1220 (wxhxd)
Air Volume at Free Air: 710m3/hr
Ave. Air Velocity at Filter Face: 0.60 m/sec
Ave. Air Velocity at Hood Face: 0.27 m/sec
Fan Motor Spec: 230V 50Hz 210W, 115V 60Hz 220W
Filters: Particulate Filter: IFA9PT
Noise Level LAeq dB(A): 60 db(A)

Through the process of filtration, absorption and dilution, the technician / therapist and client exposure to airborne tanning over-spray is vastly reduced and general salon cleanliness hugely enhanced.

Demonstrating adequate control of the risks to the health of employees students and the general public, from dusts, powders, mists, fumes and vapours is the fundamental requirement of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (CoSHH). For LEV information for employers visit the HSE website.

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Price: £1,490.00   Exc VAT
  • Product Brand:WS
  • MPN: BV2000Lead Time: Around 2-3 WeeksVoltage: 240V AC
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