Benchtop Soldering Robots

Powerful desktop robots in a range of base sizes. An ideal robot for automating a soldering application that may be currently performed manually using hand tools. Programming is by teach-pendant, using the industry's leading application software that walks the user through step-by-step instructions to create sophisticated soldering operations in minutes.

The AD series bench top robots are a cost effective solution combining high level programming technology with precision placement engineering. High quality, heavy duty design, which are easily programmed using simple step-by-step instructions. A robust cast construction provides additional stability when working to fine tolerances. High power heating controllers ensuring the tip temperature reaches 350 degree C within 30 seconds. With the convenient sleeve design, the soldering tip can be replaced quickly and easily. Intelligent solder feeding mode, parameters can be set to suit. And automatic tip cleaning airflow function with tip residue blown off easily.

Programming is simple with easy to follow english language instructions. Commands are followed and responses entered by a Teach Pendant. An LCD display prompts the user for a data input and once confirmed, automatically displays the next instruction. By this method a program can be created quickly and simply. Robots use Weller high performance solder heating controllers.

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