Threadlockers are one-component products which require neither dosing or mixing. The viscosity and strength of the products cover the normal range of standard fasteners. These grades have been formulated to take into account the dimensions of the various fasteners. Breakloose torque varies according to the product grade. Normal service temperatures are between -55°C and +150°C. High temperature products are also available as standard.
Our retaining products are one-component products which are available in different viscosities. Their strength after polymerisation varies according to the grade but can be extremely high and comparable to brazed or welded assemblies. Retaining products also have significant resistance to shear and compression. The retaining range covers a wide variety of applications and are used for all conventional assembly methods including shafts, keys, grooves, pins, splines etc.
Gasketing compounds available in a range of different viscosities, speed of polymerisation and resistance to shock, with excellent adhesion to materials normally used in mechanical assemblies. It is possible to have ease of disassembly, while ensuring mechanical integrity against vibration and deformation of the joint. The replacement of cut gaskets by anaerobic sealants provides ease of use and allows for the reduction in stocks of pre-cut gaskets, as well as a higher standard of assembly.
The outstanding properties of the ADL sealing products allow them to replace other sealing methods in a number of applications such as, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, liquid transport lines, water circulation systems, valves, heating, irrigation and fire prevention systems, gas lines, chemical and food transport lines.


Our range of Anaerobic sealants are one-component, solvent-free products used for thread locking, retaining, gasketing and sealing in mechanical assemblies. Outstanding mechanical properties can be achieved on a wide variety of substrates over a temperature range from -50°C to +155°C. In demanding applications, our high temperature products allow service temperature of +175°C.

Our thread lockers allow a wide variety of fasteners to be vibration-proofed with a range of products which allow for the easy disassembly on small screws all the way to the permanent fixing of studs.

Our gasketing materials allow cut gaskets to be easily replaced with advantages in repair times and minimising requirements to keep cut gaskets in stock.

Our pipe sealants allow the effective sealing of pneumatic and hydraulic lines as well as gas, oil and water lines.

Our retaining materials offer excellent resistance to shear and compression and allow cost effective assembly with bearings, shafts, splines and keys.
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