AD5622-250-CA Valve Dispensing System for CA

AD5622-250-CA Diaphragm Valve Dispensing System for CA adhesive
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AD5622-250-CA Valve Dispensing System for CA
Product Code: AD5622-250-CA

Digital Timed Dispenser with diaphragm air operated valve, stand & 500G pressure pot.

Cyanoacrylate adhesive dispenser designed to accept a 500 Gram bottle (1 lb) of instant adhesive. There is no pouring needed (ie: you drop your bottle of glue right into the dip-tube tank). Very little clean up is involved with this system and you do not smell the strong fumes of the glue as this is a contained system. The valve is designed to dispense thin, medium (and some flowable gel cyanoacrylates) with precise deposits of glue, with no dripping. The system has many ways to control the deposit: - needle size, tank pressure, - timer length control, - valve fine stroke adjustment.

This system comprises of a valve, controller unit and pressure pot for applying CA's direct from standard 500 Gram bottles. Buying a CA adhesive in a 500g sized bottle can be cost effective when compared to small 20g or 50g bottles. If applying adhesives directly from bottles, it can be slow and too much is often applied to each part which can create mess, waste and might damage some products. Or too little adhesive can be applied which creates a weak bond and part failure.

With our system, the adhesive bottle is placed directly inside the compact tank unit and fed under very low air pressure down flexible feed tubing to the stand mounted diaphragm valve. The controller unit is then set to make micro dots, shots or beads each time the foot pedal is pressed. It is very simple to operate and maintain because all wetted parts are designed for use with CA's.

For CA's, dispensing tips are Teflon lined crimped to prevent rapid clogging of the adhesive. Using Teflon tips allows the operator to dispense CA adhesive without it blocking too quickly in between breaks or them having to replace tips too often. The same applies for automated machine applications such as a production line or cell where dispensing delays could see a need to replace inferior quality tips when dispensing CA's. Using our Teflon lined or full Teflon tips ensures that the application of CA's are problem free.

The systems comprises of a pressure pot to accept a 500g or smaller adhesive bottle. A digital timed controller/ dispenser and a diaphragm valve. And a benchtop stand to fix the valve in place for hands free dispensing. This dispensing system will ship with an extensive starter stock of Teflon tips, caps and fluid lines. The requirements for this system are a compressed air supply of 70-100 psi and a power supply of 110 - 230 V AC.

Part ID: AD5622-250-CA
Tank Unit: Up to 500g size
Time Range: 0.02-60 seconds adjustable
Cycle Rate: Up to 500 cycles/ minute
Minimum Shot Size: 0.0075 cc/ ml

Viscosity Range: 1-50,000 CPS
Flow Rate: Up to 7250ml/ minute (water)

Repeatability: ±0.30%
Warranty: 1 Year

Dispensing system is designed to handle Cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesives up to 50,000 CPS viscosity. For gels, please contact us for an alternative system.

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  • Product Brand:Adhesive Dispensing Ltd
  • MPN: AD5622-250-CALead Time: * Currently 1-2 WeeksWarranty: 1 Year
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