Acetal Aerospace Grade Sealant Scraper AD-AS5

Acetal Aerospace Grade Sealant Scraper AD-AS5 Adhesive Dispensing Ltd
Acetal Aerospace Grade Sealant Scraper AD-AS5
Product Code: AD-AS5-10

Acetal aerospace grade sealant scraper used to scrape sealant off areas requiring rework or tidy-up.
The acetal scraper has a convenient 0.98" (25mm) working area and is used to scrape sealant off areas requiring rework or tidy-up. Such areas include the exterior pressurised fuselage skin: Lap Joints, Butt Joints. All other areas (i.e. antenna cut-outs, wing to body fairings, around window forgings, etc). For user comfort, the scraper side edges have been smoothed off. This version has a handle for more grip. Supplied in a sealed pack of 10 scrapers.

Manufactured and specifically designed for the aircraft industry. sealant scrapers are manufactured from a semi-crystalline thermoplastic which is a Boeing and Airbus approved material for sealant removal.

It is safe for use on bare alclad aluminium air frames and surfaces. The material makeup of our scrapers provides good pliability and strength whilst also being chemically resistant. The semi crystalline thermoplastic is the preferred material choice for aircraft manufacturers because it offers to the end-user more control when removing sealant and eliminates risk of scratch or score damage on aluminium substrates.

In addition to removing aircraft sealants - sealant scrapers are also fit for use with the removal of stickers, decals, loose paint and surface contaminants, where damage may otherwise occur to the underlying skin or structure. Scraper products are easily identifiable in the working environment because of luminous red dye used for our product line making it highly visible, therefore from a quality control perspective FOD risk is minimalised when in use on the aircraft.

Scraper 3-step QC process guarantees that only the highest quality plastic products are delivered to our customers.
We understand there is a wide range of industry standards out there, which is why our 3-step policy is in place to ensure we deliver a product that can be trusted across multiple trades and disciplines.

AD-AS4 & AD-AS5 products can be hit with hammer, used as a wedge or support tooling wherever difficulty may cause scratch or score on aluminium substrates. Adhesive Dispensing Ltd can also offer custom design or replication of existing scraper types to suit your company needs.

Material: Acetal (Semi-Crystalline Thermoplastic)
Colour: Red
Width: 0.98" (25mm)
Length: 6.50" (165.10mm)
Details: Silicone Free
Commodity Code: 90289090
Pack Size: 10 pcs

Adhesive Dispensing Ltd provide a wide range of equipment options for dispensing almost all assembly fluids - from watery liquids, solvents, primers and activators through to thick pastes, sealants, silicones, gels and epoxies.

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