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Welcome to Adhesive Dispensing Ltd

About Adhesive Dispensing Ltd
Adhesive Dispensing Ltd is a company providing 40 years of industry experience in fluid dispensing applications, adhesives and material repackaging. We strongly believe that the highest quality products, innovative features, competitive pricing, on-time deliveries and customer support are the essential factors that create the successful partnership with our clients. We offer leading edge dispensing systems and industrial dispensing components developed to meet the application demands of assemblers while maximising your total cost savings. Our components range from a selection of bench-top air-powered dispensers to precision moulded disposable components, applicator guns, metering valves, fume extraction, adhesives and XYZ robots. Adhesive Dispensing Ltd meets your needs, from supporting low-volume applications, prototype assembly, field based work, automated production cells or high volume assembly lines.
Helping customers in aerospace, electronics, automotive, medical device, engineering, environmental and general assembly. We offer you the technology and support to increase both efficiency, reduce costs and add value within your company. We also have expertise in providing syringes and barrels contract repackaged with a customers specified adhesive, grease or paste as well as a wide range of performance adhesives.

We hold substantial stocks of dispensing products for immediate dispatch. Please contact us to have a sales engineer visit your site with product samples and provide an equipment demonstration or arrange to visit our MK facility. Thanks for visiting us and we look forward to working with you.

Adhesive Dispensing Ltd are an ISO9001:2015 registered firm and our focus is on quality & service to support our customers globally. Certificate here

We confirm that Adhesive Dispensing Ltd and our suppliers are active in complying with REACH. We also wish to inform you that no product contains substances which are mentioned in REACH Directive Appendix XV CMR List (Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern). This is also valid for the appendix from December 16, 2013 (Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern of Authorisation).

CLP Regulation (Classification, Labelling, Packaging)
We confirm that all chemical products supplied by Adhesive Dispensing Ltd are registered according to the CLP Regulation and are CLP compliant. The change of our MSDS sheets and labelling to the new standard including H- (Hazard Statement) and P- (Precautionary Statement) sentences instead of the known R- (Risk) and S- (Safety) sentences.

RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical & electronic equipment)
Adhesive Dispensing Ltd confirms that none of its products contain substances which are forbidden to use according to the EC Directive 2011/65/EU.
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